“The decision to revoke 31 nationalities contradicts the 1963 nationality law” Bahrain activist

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Salman Salim, member of Al Wefaq resigned parliamentary bloc said that international rights organizations and the European Parliamentary Union have criticized Bahrain’s decision to revoke the nationalities of 31 citizens for its clear infringement to local and international laws on human rights. On the first anniversary of the arbitrary measure that left some of those Bahrainis stateless, Salim stated, “These individuals have served the country in various aspects such as parliament, human rights, politics, economy and science. It is a great loss for this country to have their citizenships arbitrarily and unfairly revoked. They have not committed any infringements of the law, including the 1963 nationality law that states the conditions by which a citizen’s nationality can be revoked such as major treason. Neither have they joined a foreign army nor caused disorder in state security. This measure has left them stateless and brought several problems to them as they no longer have access to governmental services”. Salim demanded the authorities to reverse on the measure that does not go in line with the requirements for solution to the political crisis in Bahrain./129

Source: http://en.abna24.com/service/bahrain/archive/2013/11/10/479771/story.html

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