MOI Statement: 72 individuals stripped of citizenship

Manama, Jan31(BNA) The Ministry of Interior is responsible for protecting the security and stability of Bahrain. Part of that responsibility is a duty to fight terrorism and identify those who engage, encourage or participate in such acts.
Each citizen of Bahrain has the responsibility to act in ways that do not harm the interests of the Kingdom. Based on article (10/c) of the Bahrain nationality law, with a revision by the Interior Minister and approval of the cabinet, a decree was issued to withdraw the Bahraini nationality of 72 individuals for illegal acts, including
– Spying for foreign countries and recruiting a number of persons through social media
– Financing groups carrying terrorist operations
– Defaming the image of the regime, inciting against the regime and spreading false news to hinder the rules of the constitution
– Carrying out a series of explosions so as to subvert homeland security and terrorise citizens
– Seeking to form a terrorist group, train them on the use of weapons to commit crimes
– Smuggling weapons
– Inciting and advocating regime change through illegal means
– Joining terrorist cells to harm the interests of the Kingdom and subvert national stability
– Belonging to terrorist groups fighting abroad.
– Defaming brotherly countries.

They are:  
1- Mohammed Hassan Ali Hussain
2- Farahat Khursheed Afrah Khursheed
3- Masood Mirza Jaffar Jahrami
4- Hussain Khairallah Mohammed Mahdi
5- Ali Asfandiyar Khadad Mohammed
6- Safa Al Dhawi Al Adawi
7- Sayed Ahmed Mustafa Mohammed Al Wadai
8- Sayed Qassim Majeed Ramadan Alawi
9- Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Al Aradi
10- Ibrahim Ali Hassan Al Madhoon
11- Ishaq Faheem Ishaq Abdulrahman
12- Ahmed Jaffar Mohammed Ali
13- Ahmed Rashid Hameed Al Jabri
14- Ahmed Ridha Mashaallah Shakeeb
15- Ahmed Mohammed Ali Saleh
16- Ayoub Mohammed Mustafa Al Murbati
17- Turki Mubarak Abdullah Al Binali
18- Jaffar Ahmed Hassan Al Aal
19- Jaffar Ahmed Abdullah Salman
20- Jaffar Yahya Ali Hussain
21- Habib Abdullah Hussain Al Jamri
22- Hassan Ahmed Abdullah Sulaiman
23- Hassan Abdullah Isa Al Ghasra
24- Hassan Abdulnabi Hassan Ali
25- Hassan Ali Mohammed Juma Sultan
26- Hussain Jassim Ahmed Al Hadad
27- Hussain Yousif Mohammed Jassim
28- Hamad Mubarak Juma Habib
29- Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Ali Al Mannai
30- Daij Khalifa Abdullah Al Thawadi
31- Rashid Ahmed Rashid Al Rashid
32- Sami Ahmed Hamad Al Mannai
33- Salman Ibrahim Mohammed Ali
34- Salman Abdullah Darweesh Abdullah
35- Salman Alyan Turki Al Ashban
36- Saber Ali Ahmed Al Salatna
37- Dhafer Salah Ali Saleh
38- Obada Adel Hassan Hamad
39- Abas Hassan Ali Abusafwan
40- Abdulamir Jaffar Rashid Al Aradi
41- Abdulaziz Nazar Ali Al Jowder
42- Abdulghani Isa Ali Al Khanjar
43- Abdullah Ibrahim Ahmed Al Saleh
44- Abdullah Abdulrahim Abdullah Fakhro
45- Aqeel Ahmed Ali Mahfoodh
46- Aqeel Jaffar Ahmed Ridha
47- Ali Ahmed Ali Abdullah
48- Ali Hassan Abdulrahman Fakhro
49- Ali Hassan Abdullah Abdulimam
50- Ali Mubarak Abdullah Al Binali
51- Ali Mahmood Jaffar Al Kharaz
52- Ammar Ahmed Ali Saqer Al Atawi
53- Omar Jassim Mohammed Buzaboon
54- Omar Abdullah Mohammed Ali Al Qahtani
55- Isa Abdullah Isa Al Sarh
56- Kareem Isa Ali Al Mahroos
57- Maher Othman Saleh Abadi
58- Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al Tal
59- Mohammed Isa Yousif Saqar Al Binali
60- Mohammed Mubarak Abdullah Al Binali
61- Mahmood Nasser Juma Mushaima
62- Murtadha Majeed Ramadan Al Sindi
63- Muhanad Yousif Hussain Al Harmi
64- Maytham Omran Hussain Al Jamri
65- Mirza Mohammed Ali Ramadan
66- Naji Ali Naji Qassim Al Ruqaimi
67- Nawaf Mohammed Ahmed Saif
68- Yasser Abdulhussain Ali Al Sayegh
69- Yasser Abdullah Isa Al Ghasra
70- Yahya Ali Yahya Al Hadid
71- Yousif Ahmed Hamad Abdullah Al Mannai
72- Yousif Omran Jassim Omran
Proper legal procedures will be taken by the Interior Ministry to implement this decision.


BNA 1748 GMT 2015/01/31


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